Professional Services ITC

In 15 years since its foundation, DELTATEL has gained experience in a wide range of services. Thus, today our teams perform installation works, testing and commissioning of telecom equipment in multiple domains: mobile access (raging from 2G to 5G), wireless & optics transmissions, IP access, optical fiber and environment.

Thanks to the vast experience we gained, working in more than 70 countries, we were able to develop a system of professional services while the quality is proven by the portfolio by the number of clients who have chosen to collaborate with us.  Our basic professional services include Supervising, Site Engineering, Support and Technical Assistance, Project Technical Management, Roll-Out Management and Integrated Logistic Services.

In parallel, we are continually developing preventive and corrective maintenance services and technical support, all of our teams being guided by a dedicated coordination center.

Simultaneously, respecting the principle of adaptability to the needs of the market and our wish to sustain our client’s activities, we have specialized teams for providing multi-vendor services, “back-office support’’ for different technologies. The list of said services include Telecom Network Monitoring, Fault Monitoring and Alarms, Network Equipment Integration, Maintaining Equipment/Network, Network parameters optimization, Software Applications (Cloud, IP, etc.).