Social Responsability

At Deltatel we continuously improve our performance, ensuring not only high-quality of work for our clients but also exceeding their expectations, in terms of economic efficiency and profit, as well as respecting the principles of social responsibility and working conditions.

For this purpose:

  • we comply with all the requirements of the Social Responsibility System;
  • we respect the applicable national and international laws, other requirements we subscribed to and to international principles in the field of social responsibility and working conditions;
  • we do not use forced or compulsory labor or work done by children, directly or indirectly;
  • we respect the freedom of association and the right of collective negotiation of employees;
  • we ensure the safety and health of employees in all aspects of work;
  • we eliminate any form of discrimination and disciplinary practices;
  • we respect working hours and remuneration principles in accordance with legal provisions;

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