In a fast changing world – especially technological ones – when everything happens rapidly and continuously, it is more important than ever to do not only have a partner who can perform an effective security test according to the latest attack procedures (pentesting), but also a partner who can offer detailed reports that may lead to action plans (vulnerability assessment).

Vulnerability testing and penetration testing (pentesting) are the processes used to identify security breaches within a company’s IT infrastructure, followed by a simulation of a cyber-attack what we execute on your agreement. These tests end with and “Executive Summary” report. Think of it as a quality assurance policy for IT security.

Pentesting and vulnerability tests have the following objectives:

  • External analysis of the IT networks;
  • The vulnerability of the company / organization’s website
  • The possibility of manipulating employees in the sense of causing them to disclose sensitive or confidential information – 70% of all successful hacker attacks are due to these manipulations
  • Wi-Fi network vulnerability analysis
  • Vulnerability of the internal IT network ( Intranet applications and local hosts )

Deltatel has the experience and qualified experts in IT networks analysis.

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