Our success would have not been possible without the peope who identify themselves with DELTATEL. This is the reason why we take full responsibility for developing a proper business environment designed to encourage the involvement and motivation of our employees, the fulfilment of both the mutual and personal objectives and, last, but not least, the recognition and reward of the achievements.

Deltatel’s Human Resources Department ensures policies, practices and business tools in compliance with thefollowing principles:

Open communication

Our business sector undergoes permanent transformations and changes. In order to maintain a high level of performance, we are constantly seeking to improve the way we work. We also encourage people to come up with new ideas and solutions, by promoting a business environment based on communication, trust and mutual respect.

Adequate support

Ensuring the necessary support for professional and personal integration and development is an absolute priority for us. We are constantly investing in a wide range of training programmes, through which we make sure that we are always up to date with the latest technology. We encourage team work and team spirit, these being essential assets in developing our employees’ competences.

Encouraging motivation and involvement

We have implemented a unitary program of Performance Management, within which we have set out individual objectives for our employees. Subsequently, together with our employees, we monitor periodically the achievement of these objectives, and also evaluate the performances of each and every employee. The acknowledgment of both the achievements and involvement is in fact the basis that supports the career development programs which we are constantly seeking to improve.

Equity, health and safety

In performing our activity, we use procedures and standards that ensure fairness and equity in relation to each and every employee. Apart from the labor health and safety programs that are primarily promoted by our company, we also offer, by means of a flexible management, personalized working schedules, schemes for sporting activities. We also provide and finance medical services for our employees, in collaboration with various medical centres.

(Romania) Tehnician Telecomunicații

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NOC/GNOC Network change analyst

Provide Network Change Management services to ensure that the impact of planned network changes are minimized and do not cause unexpected impacts to the customer’s network.
Manage and monitor the implementation of change requests to ensure they follow the change management process.


Service Analyst

We are looking for new colleagues who have a passion for making things work and are willing to contribute with creative, out of the box solutions to problems arising in a dynamic environment, under high pressure. We want you to be part of our partner`s Global Network Operations Center and collaborate within diverse and multinational teams.